About Gymtastics

We bend over backwards for our customers.

For some very good reasons, GYMTASTICS is one of the fastest growing gymnastics clubs in western Canada. From wide-eyed tots to high performance competitive athletes, we pride ourselves on treating all our customers with the same dedication and importance. Our coaching philosophy concentrates on each individual's personal growth: emotionally, mentally and physically.

GYMTASTICS is a club that offers fun, fitness and fundamentals for children aged 18 months to adults with emphasis on developing self-esteem. We run pre-school, recreational and competitive classes supervised by qualified and experienced coaches. We also offer specialty programs such as cheerleading, adult classes and the best birthday parties in the whole world.

You'll be surprised how quickly our gym comes to feel like your gym, and that's how we like it. At GYMTASTICS, everyone is treated as an individual and taught with their specific needs in mind.

Our Mission

To reach as many people as possible through the sport of gymnastics and help them grow to be the best that they can be.

"At GYMTASTICS everybody is a star just for being who they are."
Our Mission

Our Founder: Darlene “the Bean”

Darlene "The Bean" Fedyna, founder of GYMTASTICS Gym Club, has over 30 years of experience coaching pre-school, recreational and competitive gymnastics. Darlene has used her early childhood education, gymnastics background and her astute business skills to develop and grow GYMTASTICS into one of the premier gymnastics clubs in western Canada. Darlene is also a pre-school consultant, specializing in children's emotional and physical development, as well as rhyming things with silly words whenever possible (a big hit with the pre-school crowd.) She is extremely passionate about gymnastics and works to be a positive influence to all her customers and coaching staff.

To Darlene, every toddler, child, teenager and adult that walks through the doors of GYMTASTICS is a star!

Darlene the Bean

Quality coaches. Quality programs.

At GYMTASTICS, we offer a unique, innovative and creative approach to gymnastics instruction. We believe that teaching should focus not only on gymnastic skills, but also on helping develop a child's emotional, mental and physical attributes and self-esteem. In our safe, clean and family-friendly environment, we offer gymnastics and tumbling and trampoline programs for all ages, whether recreational or highly competitive. We believe that gymnastics can enhance the all-around physical health of almost everybody on the planet, and that it provides an excellent base for all sports and life skills.

Our STAR attraction and mascot: GymTwinkle

GymTwinkle is a lot more than the GYMTASTICS mascot. He's a teaching aide and relatable friend for our pre-school students. GymTwinkle participates in the theme of the week, wearing clown hats for circus week and pajamas during our pajama party. He reflects the children's emotions throughout the session: he is shy on the first day of class and acts silly on funny hair-do day. Always ready to greet you with hugs and a big smile, GymTwinkle represents our belief that every child is a star just for being who they are.

Twinkle Facts

Our Locations

Gymtastics location in Calgary, Alberta
Calgary South
160, 7260-12 St, SE
Calgary, Alberta T2H 2S5
Phone: (403) 254-9010
Gymtastics location in Calgary, Alberta
Calgary North
Bay 101, 1108 53 Ave NE
Calgary, Alberta T2E 6N9
Phone: (403) 718-9030